Twenty Days of Aftershocks

A selection of testimony and opinion pieces – reflecting a range of views – which have appeared online over the last three weeks.

Useful sources include the excellent Repeating Islands blog, email bulletins from the Haiti Support Group, and Bob Corbett’s Haiti List.

Edwidge Danticat, A Little While, New Yorker, 1 Feb 2010.

Laura Wagner, Haiti: A survivor’s story, Salon, 1 Feb 2010.

Peter Slevin, As food distribution improves, Haitians want U.S to ‘take over’, Washington Post, 1 Feb 2010.

Nick Allen, Haiti earthquake: voodoo high priest claims aid monopolised by Christians, Daily Telegraph, 1 Feb 2010.

Gary Younge, The west owes Haiti a bailout. And it would be a hand-back, not a handout, Guardian, 31 January 2010.

John Maxwell, Protecting Haiti’s Interest, Jamaica Observer, 31 January 2010.

Peter Hallward, The Land that Wouldn’t Lie,, 29 Jan 2010.

John Pilger, The Kidnapping of Haiti, New Statesman, 28 Jan 2010.

Melanie Newton, World’s Future in Haiti, (Barbados) Nation News, 27 Jan 2010.

Eduardo Galeano, A história do Haiti é a história do racismo, Adital, 25 Jan 2010.

Ker Than, Haiti Earthquake & Voodoo: Myths, Ritual, and Robertson (Interview with Wade Davis), National Geographic, 25 Jan 2010.

Tom Phillips, Haiti earthquake: religion fills the void left by aid agencies, Guardian, 24 Jan 2010.

Rodney Saint-Éloi, La tendresse et l’élégance nous sauveront du séisme,, 23 January 2010.

Sites sur Haïti : témoignages d’auteurs à consulter
, Etonnants Voyageurs, 22 Jan 2010.

Peter Hallward, Securing Disaster in Haiti,, 22 Jan, 2010.

Dany Laferrière, Tout bouge autour de moi, Novel Observateur, 21 Jan 2010.

Amy Wilentz, The Haiti Haters, The Nation, 21 Jan 2010.

Richard Morse, Haiti: My Experience on the Ground, Huffington Post, 21 Jan 2010.

Juan Carlos Chavez, In wealthy enclave of Pétionville, another picture, Miami Herald, 21 Jan 2010.

Andy Kershaw, Stop Treating These People Like Savages, Independent, 21 Jan 2010.

Tracy Wilkinson, Haiti’s Elite Hold Nation’s Future in their Hands, Los Angeles Times, 21 Jan 2010.

Évelyne Trouillot, Aftershocks, New York Times, 21 Jan 2010.

Colin Dayan, ‘Civilizing’ Haiti, Boston Review, 20 Jan 2010.

Dianne Diakité, The Myth of “Voodoo”: A Caribbean American Response to Representations of Haiti, Religion Dispatches, 20 Jan 2010.

Sir Hilary Beckles, The Hate and the Quake, Barbados Advocate, 19 Jan 2010.

Robert Booth, Cruise ships still find a Haitian berth, Guardian, 17 Jan 2010.

John Maxwell, No, Mister! You Cannot Share My Pain!, Jamaica Observer, 17 Jan 2010.

Haïti : le témoignage bouleversant de l’écrivain Dany Laferrière(interview), Le Monde, 16 Jan 2010.

Ruth Gledhill, Voodoo faith ‘could hinder Haiti’s recovery from quake’, The Times, 15 Jan 2010.

David Brooks, The Underlying Tragedy, New York Times,14 Jan 2010. And responses from Matt Taibbi (18 Jan) and Tom F. Driver and Carl Lindskoog (19 Jan).

Edwidge Danticat Voices Haiti, Always, Women’s Voices for Change, 14 Jan 2010.

Tyler Cowen, Why is Haiti so Poor?, Marginal Revolution, 13 Jan 2010.

Alain Mabanckou, Haiti ou l’énigme d’un séisme, Black Bazar, 13 Jan 2010.

Témoignage de Rodney Saint-Éloi (interview),, undated.

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