Douglass in Scotland

Here you can learn about the 1846 visit to Scotland by the anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass, drawing on research for this book, published in November 2018.

Engraving of Frederick Douglass on the lecture platform, c1846
‘Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave, denouncing slaveholders and their religious abettors’ from The Uncle Tom’s Cabin Almanack; or, Abolitionist Memento for 1853 (London: 1852) (detail)

Resources here include pages on who he was, why he came to Scotland, and how he engaged with Scottish literature and history, and on other African Americans who toured the country in the mid-nineteenth century. There is a detailed itinerary, listing all Douglass’ known speaking engagements, and a log of recent efforts to enhance public awareness of Scotland’s historical connections to the Atlantic slavery system and the struggle for black emancipation.

In the course of 2019, the full text of newspaper reports of Douglass’ speeches will be added, supported by contextual introductions and editorial annotations.

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    • Alasdair Pettinger says:

      Full details of the book here: here with a link through to the publisher’s website. It is certainly listed on Amazon and many other online bookstores.


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