The work here has benefited from local history research about the places Douglass spoke at in Greenock and Fenwick. as well as the expert sleuthing of Amy Cools in her Ordinary Philosophy blog. I am indebted in particular to the outstanding research of

  • Hannah-Rose Murray, whose Frederick Douglass Map situates Douglass’ Scottish tour in a broader context, and
  • Celeste-Marie Bernier and her colleagues on the Our Bondage and Our Freedom project, especially their work with the National Library of Scotland in producing the interactive maps showing the locations where Douglass and other black abolitionists spoke in Scotland.

For their encouragement and support, many thanks.

I am also grateful for the assistance of the staff of the following libraries and resource centres:

  • National Library of Scotland
  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow
  • Glasgow University Library
  • Paisley Central Library
  • Dundee Central Library
  • A K Bell Library, Perth
  • Carnegie Library, Ayr
  • Arbroath Library
  • Montrose Library
  • Heritage Hub, Hawick
  • Burns Monument Centre, Kilmarnock