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Post-Slavery in the Francophone Caribbean
Haiti and the Politics of the Universal
Haiti and the Politics of the Universal
Caribbean Enlightenment
From Duvalier to Preval

Haiti and the Politics of the Universal

The programme for this two-day conference at Aberdeen University (Fri 12 to Sat 13 March 2010) has now been released.

Papers include:
  • Nick Nesbitt, Traversing Haiti, Beyond the Universal Phantasm
  • Charles Forsdick, 'Our Past, Our Presents,and Our Possible Futures': Situating Toussaint Louverture
  • Alberto Moreiras, Historicality and Historiography: Haiti and the Limits of World History
  • Deborah Jenson, Placing Haiti on the Geo-psychoanalytic Map: Hypnose, Pathologies of the Middle Passage, and the Creolization of the Unconscious
  • Kim Ives, How the Earthquake Has Affected Haiti's National Democratic Revolution and International Geopolitics
  • David Scott, The Theory of Haiti: The Black Jacobins and the Ethos of Universal History
  • Andrew Leak, Haiti's 'Nouveau Contract Social' of 2005: A Simulacrum of Citizenship
  • Chris Bongie, (Not) Razing the Walls: The Post-Politics of 'World Literature'
  • John Kranauskias, Haiti's Marvelous Revolution: Reflections on Alejo Carpentier's The Kingdom of this World
  • Valerie Kaussen, Ghosts of Universal History
  • Peter Hallward, Self-Emancipation and the Politics of Violence in Haiti
Full details in the Conference Programme. The event is free of charge. Enquiries to Nick Nesbitt.

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