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Adventures Close to Home


Adventures Close to Home


Discovered in 2012

Personal review of the year. Another self-indulgent Hogmanay tradition.

Sightlines. Kathleen Jamie's third book of prose and without doubt her best, wonderfully-crafted observations balancing the serious and the comic, tackling subjects from icebergs to a pathologist's slab.

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. The Forth-Clyde sometimes feels like my second home, but it doesn't match the delights of a dawdle on a warm Sunday in Georgetown in a part of DC I hadn't been in before

Disquiet Junto. I have been an occasional contributor to this group which is given a weekly challenge by Marc Weidenbaum in San Francisco, inspiring some intriguing and often beautiful music, sound and noise.

Raspberry Pi. It was a long wait for this tiny computer that is taking the geek-world by storm, and another while I sought cables to match, but worth it when the wee red fruit lit up the screen. Some fun learning ahead.

Kafou. The UK's first major survey of Haitian art was mounted by Nottingham Contemporary this autumn, with an impressive series of related events. The sequined flags and metal sculptures stood out for me.

Amour. Michael Haneke's horror film unfolds entirely within the confines of a Parisian apartment, in which an elderly couple are stalked by dementia and paralysis. Clinical, terrifying and yet disarmingly tender.

The Fox from Up Above and the Fox from Down Below. Of the large cast of memorable characters in José Maria Arguedas' last novel, it's the stinky class-riven port of Chimbote where their paths cross that steals the show.

The Eskdalemuir Harmonium. An astonishing delicate, intense mix of music, spoken voice and field recordings by Chris Dooks and Machinefabriek, featuring an old harmonium in a Scottish farmhouse.

Borgen. I enjoyed The Killing and The Bridge, but preferred this of the imported Nordic dramas so far. Oversized offices, cramped family breakfasts, that turquoise light, and a mesmerising Sidse Babett Knudsen..

Cille Bhride. Kathleen MacInnes has been called the Laphroaig of Gaelic song. Perhaps it's her husky voice, or the long, warm finish of this album's elegant arrangements. There's snow on Drumochter but a cosy fire indoors..

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